Marly Charity Kluge 

A "paradise" is an escape, a place of ideal and beauty. For me, fashion is my escape. My place to find beauty, life, and serenity. It is a way to express who you are, be confident in yourself, and it can transform your everyday boring into something with a little more life and color. It is an escape from the norm, to something that feels like a breath of the fresh tropical air that I think of when I think "paradise".  Personally, I get this feeling whether it is the fashion I am wearing or the inspiring looks from runways and magazines. I hope that this blog can bring a little bit of that to you too. 

My name is Marly Charity Kluge. I love design, art, style, fashion, and everything in between. I am very passionate and motivated when it comes to all of them. I am a young designer, a recent graduate from FIDM with a degree in fashion design. I am very inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, by the beach, the ocean, and the waves. In general, I am very inspired by nature: sunsets, water, animals, textures, plants, wind. My design aesthetic is youthful, modern, and chic. Here is my style blog and online portfolio; including everything from my work from Debut 2015, to my CAD flat sketches, to my fashion illustrations, to my inspiration gallery. 

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