Spring Forward

It is that time of year again, "Spring Forward". Yes, we lost an hour of sleep, and work sucked Monday morning; but, we gained a seemingly endless sunshine each day here in Sunny LA. (but really, what's new?) But anyways, welcome our new model Camille. I can't get over how young and fresh this look is on her. White has been a very big trend coming in to play this spring, and this look is a perfect match with Tom Ford sleek white sunnies and pretty, dainty lace crop from Top Shop. Floral shorts also seem to be booming lately, and trust me I am on board with that. You don't even want to know how many cute little shorts I have been picking up while shopping. According to People Style Watch, full on neon is "OUT". I think that a pop of bright neon like in this bag though, is still super chic. It adds a level of fun, especially in this 3-D textured jelly material. A jelly neon bag? Like seriously? There's no excuse to not want this gem in your collection. It is way too fun to pass up. I picked this one up at a stall selling it by the Eiffel Tower, but below you can find some similar pieces selling in the states. A piece like this is the perfect way to tie together your fresh and forward spring look. 

Find this look:


Hair by Erika Peyton
Modeling by Camille Patrick

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