A Foot in the Door


I have been on a serious job hunt recently. I'm trying to get my foot in that door of fashion design. Anyways, I have been going on a couple of interviews lately and I wanted to go shopping to put together a fresh look that was current, chic, and still professional. (thankfully the fashion industry is much more relaxed than the typical business attire, it is much more fun) I went to Nordstrom's Rack (a current obsession), and picked up this amazing box silhouette top. You can't see from the pictures, but it is a mixture of purple/grey and is an amazing texture with a slight sheen to it. I also found this statement necklace there, a mixture of bright colors that I've found to be the perfect pop to pretty much any outfit. Especially this outfit, as it was made up of neutral colors and pretty basic silhouettes. Once I found the top and necklace, I had this vision stuck in my head: I had to find the perfect white skirt. Originally I was thinking one of those asymmetric layered panel ones that have been on trend lately. I knew that if I could just get to Forever 21 before it closed that night before my interview the chances of me finding something were pretty hopeful. So, at Forever, I was able to find this textured white skirt. It's simple, clean, long enough for an interview, and still had a little twist with the hemline and texture of the fabric. If you can't tell by now, I'm all about the elements that take the typical trendy piece just a notch up and a bit more unique. To finish this outfit off, I knew I had these white and silver strappy Jeffrey Campbell sandals and my classic white Michael Kors Selma satchel. One last finishing touch? My rose gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch; fashionable meets professional. 

So I would say the keys to putting together a good professional look are finding pieces that are clean, simple, and almost classic but that might have their own edge to them. Whether it be fabric texture, shape, or hemline whatever makes the garment unique will be what elevates your look from good to looking like that 'It Girl' (that 'It Girl' that someone will want working for their company). Why? Because if you look put together, then people will think you have yourself together! It comes off as not only fashionable, but responsible, confident, and mature. Anyways, next find a unique statement piece (like my necklace, or maybe colorful gem stud earrings) to bring it all together. Other than that, keep the rest simple. You don't want to load on the accessories or super trendy pieces, it'll just come off as too busy and distracting. This way, you will stick out to whoever you're interviewing with in a good, not bad, way. 

PS: I will be uploading detail shots to this post soon! 

Have any questions about what I'm wearing? Shoot me an e-mail! 

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