Kiss & Tell


So, I know I'm a little behind on the knuckle ring trend, but every time I debated picking up a set at a store, I didn't feel like spending ten bucks on such small basic rings. Low and behold, I end up spending much more than that on these three from a boutique in downtown LA. For me, the splurge was worth it because they were each so unique, designs that I haven't really seen before. Especially since most knuckle ring pictures I've seen are just plain thin gold bands. (that and the fact that the saleslady was so nice and kept showing me all these things in the store, so I felt bad and like I just had to end up buying something) I think if you're going to follow a trend, try and make it a little more unique in your own way.

When I put these rings on, I always think they're such a small detail no one but me will notice. But that's not true! I noticed even the smallest knuckle ring collection on a girl I work with, and I remember thinking I loved the look. These rings really can draw attention, turning a small detail into a key finishing touch on an outfit. So, my last tip for wearing knuckle rings (or a collection of any rings): get a nice manicure! You don't want to draw attention to chipped nail polish. Having a fresh manicure in either a really pale or really dark color is the way to go I think, when it comes to wearing knuckle rings. They are the perfect polished compliment for each other.

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