Where Waikiki & LA Meet

Hawaii is one of my favorite vacation spots by far. Weather warm enough to only pack tiny little printed shorts and beach cover ups, water the color of a Tiffany's box, sun rays that leave you looking almost tan enough to be a native, and a tropical air that just smells of paradise. What more could a girl ask for? Being able to spend this vacation with my man, my best friend and her boyfriend made it all the more better. Once our escape to paradise was over and we were in the parking garage back in the City of Angels, I looked out at the view: a deep purple sky, twinkling city lights, and outlines of palm trees. I said something to my boyfriend about how its hard to be too bummed about leaving paradise when we seem to live in a paradise ourselves! 

Anyways, I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this.. this outfit reminded me of a place where Waikiki and LA meet. It has a tropical feel mixed with a more polished city sophistication. But it is LA, so it's still laid back and fresh feeling! I love tropical print shorts, and let me tell you, I have had to restrain myself from buying any more because I already have about 3 in my wardrobe. So, I started with these shorts and ended up pairing it with this sleeveless button down collared top. I thought it added a air of prep and sophistication that counterbalanced the laid back vibe of the shorts. Since it was sheer, I covered up under with this unique bralette I found. (finally one that was modern and cool, not ultra lacey and feminine like all the rest out there) I accessorized with this really unique bracelet made of real coral (my pop of color!) which also tied into the tropical theme, emerald studs to tie in with the shorts, and these lace up booties that I liked because they weren't the expected wedges. (they also tied in with the more polished look of the top)

Top: Marshall's
Bralette: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Heels: Express
Earrings: Nordstroms 

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