Black & White, and Cognac All Over

Top .. Forever 21                    Bag .. Fossil
Skirt .. Juicy Couture           Sunglasses .. Prada
Shoes .. JustFab                  Ring .. Forever 21

I love color, my boyfriend is always encouraging me to wear color. But for some reason I always end up gravitating right back to black and white. I mean, they always seem to flatter and bring a sense of polish. Cognac also seems to be a good color I'm seeing more of. It's a sophisticated neutral that I think adds a fresher twist to the usual black and white combo.

This look started with the shoes: cognac and black color blocked, with a chunky block heel and double ankle straps with buckles. I decided to wear this velvet drawstring Juicy Couture skirt on bottom, but didn't want to wear all black. So, on top I went with this striped tee. Stripes are always a little fun and preppy at the same time. Still going with this black and white theme, the bag is a spotted calf hair and pebbled leather Fossil Erin bag. I love the texture and print of this bag. It is cool and playful. Mixing it with the stripes? Always love a good print mixing. Finishing touch are the Prada jeweled cat eyes: tying in the cognac literally from head to toe. I love this look because it takes basic colors and silhouettes mixed with prints and texture to create a look that is both put together and playful!

Okay, now let me tell you the story about these heels. I made a new discovery in the world of shoe paradise, JustFab. We've all seen the commercials, but we all also know how tricky buying shoes on line is. You can't be sure of the quality, comfort, and fit. I discovered though, the brick and mortar JustFab store at the Glendale Galleria! The store is currently full of a rainbow of new styles. I'm telling you, strappy and colorful heels for days. The regular price for their shoes at $49, but if you're a member $39.95. Their deal was that if you became a member, you got one pair for $39 and the second pair free. Don't worry, if you become a member you aren't tied to paying for a pair every month like it seems. You're able to just "skip" the months that pair doesn't quite fit in to your budget. Considering I tried on about 10 pairs of heels there and wanted to buy more than even 2, I jumped on that deal without a moment of hesitation. These heels are good quality too; not the flimsy and uncomfortable kind they sell at those cheap little shoe boutiques. How could you pass up $39 heels that are SO cute AND good quality? JustFab really is an amazing deal, I'm telling you. They have super cute bags too. It is far too tempting, but at such a good price point, it is hard to feel guilty about it. 

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Thank you to my photographers for this look! 
Anjelynn Hingada
Adrian Herrera
Marie Barnes 

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