PRADA Cat Eyes

My most recent steal? This pair of jeweled, two-toned, cat eye, PRADA sunglasses. I found these at Nordstroms Rack, and for those of you who know anything about my shopping habits... you know that this is my ultimate fav shopping place. You would also know that sunglasses are the one thing that I have few of, because to me, a good pair is worth investing in and just look all the more better.  When I first saw these, I was hesitant about them because they' were a little loud for my usual style and I wasn't sure if I would be able to even pull them off. Also, although they were highly discounted for Prada's they would still be a bit of a splurge for me. After two weeks of still having them in the back of my mind though, I decided to go back and try them on again. This time they had them in 3 different colors: all black with grey jewels, black with leopard print and purple jewels, and these black/tortoise shell with gold jewels. Only $89 for PRADA sunglasses? Eh, why not! There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a good designer steal. And besides, to be honest, having this blog has definitely inspired me to take the next step in adventurous styling and given me more reason to splurge more out there pieces.  These may be ultra glam sunnies, but I think they would be a good way to take even just a jeans and white tee look up to the next level. They're a nice little pop of chic. 

Want these babies for yourself? There are plenty in stock at the Nordstroms Rack in Huntington Beach and probably at other locations too! Don't worry, I won't mind :) 

PS stay tuned to see these accessorize one of my upcoming looks. 

Want the look?