Printed Dresses & Lace Up Heels

Here in sunny Los Angeles, summer is nowhere near over... meaning the heat is only about to get worse. While the painfully hot days can be frustrating for some people, I love it because I am a true So-Cal girl at heart. If I can wear sandals and a sun dress? It's my kind of day. I also like to elevate this basic summer uniform to a chic printed dress and lace up heeled sandals. It is a pretty effortless look to throw on a great dress and heels, accessorizing becomes minimal when you put together two statement pieces like this. Meaning, this look is so easy but makes you look incredibly put together and fashionable. 

For me, there is nothing better than finding a piece that is one of the following: a great print, an amazing sale, unique, or real leather. As for the dress I'm wearing here, it was all of the above; meaning I bought it with no hesitation! There's this store called It's A Wrap! on Magnolia in Burbank. They carry tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories that were once used for wardrobe in television and movies at greatly discounted prices. Here is where I found this printed and embroidered REAL leather dress! It is TopShop brand, and had the original tags on it showing that it was being sold for about $400, but at this store had been marked down a couple times until it was $60. Needless to say, I bought it and then texted multiple of my friends that would appreciate such a deal to let them know about the good news. For this look, I loved pairing this statement dress with these amazing turquoise snake print heels from JustFab. I loved the match of color and the mix of prints. A simple black velvet clutch/cross body bag and cuff bracelet tie in with the black of the print and work well because they are solid. 

The dress Genie is wearing was another one of those great finds I didn't hesitate to pick up. A black and white striped, fitted dress with an asymmetrical hem; so chic, trendy, and also a knockoff of a Kylie Jenner dress I once saw and loved. I found it at Bobbi Rocco, a boutique in Sherman Oaks (they also have a location in Woodland Hills) that I found on Instagram, checked out, and loved. They have tons of trendy, extremely cute, and pretty affordable pieces. I tried this dress on, it fit great (its in this amazing fabric and cut that would easily flatter most figures), and cost $35. I think you already know the end to this story, I could barely get out of the dressing room before I handed the sales girl my debit card. For this look, I paired it with simple black lace up heels and this hot pink REAL leather cross body bag made by J. Crew that I found (unused) at Wasteland for $32! Whenever doing black and white, especially stripes, I loved mixing it with a bright pop of color. I also brought a pop of color into Genie's lips with a matte fuchsia lip color. 

Both of these looks are easy and great for multiple occasions like lunch and shopping with the girls or dinner at a trendy spot with your hubby. Moral of this story: printed dress + lace up heels + solid color cross body bag = perfection. I'd love to see the way you make this look work for you! 

Make this look work for you: 

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