8 Fashionable Tech Products You Need to Know About

I love my iPhone just as much as the next gal... and so that is why I wanted to share with you all some amazing fashionable tech finds I've come across, because shouldn't every girl have the chance to be tech savvy and look cute? I love the products on this list because they are all cool, cute, simple, small, and convenient. Thanks to them, you'll never have to text the words "my phones about to die" again and you can stay on top of the communication game. 

These first two products are bracelets, which I love. You can't get any more of a mixture between fashion & tech than a bracelet that is ALSO a phone charger. This Rebecca Minkoff style is super cute, I love the black with the gold because it looks chic and can match with so many things. The stud design is edgy and cool, and I love how it completely hides any sign of the charger. 

Ugh, this bangle phone charger makes me SO happy. It is so sleek and cool and no one would ever be able to tell you're wearing a phone charger right on your wrist. It comes in 4 colors too! So pick the finish that matches your jewelry and wardrobe the best! I think the idea of the bracelet charger is great, throw it on when you know you have a long day, you're traveling, or you're at a music festival and that extra charge will most likely be needed later. OR wear it any time it works with your outfit just in case! I like this style more than the Rebecca Minkoff one BECAUSE it is more sleek and I think more versatile, but more importantly, it is a complete charger while the Minkoff one is just the cord which you would still need to connect to a power source. 

Alright so this charging phone case is nothing new... BUT if you're looking for the most stylish options, look to Kate Spade! I love the "POWER TRIP" phrase on the back of the first one, but unfortunately it is not in stock anymore! That doesn't mean there aren't other cute styles like this striped one though. 

OK, so this is the product that got me started on this blog post! First of all, I love tassels and fringe and so I was already loving this product. I saw that it hides a phone charger in it, and I was about to click the "add to cart" button without a second thought. The only reason I didn't though, is because it is just the cord and I would really love something that doesn't need to be plugged in.  Otherwise, I LOVE this! Throw it on your purse or your keys and it in no way looks like a phone charger but is just a cute accessory alone! PS. 

Out of all the products, this is probably the least innovative... BUT to be honest, it is the one I know I'm going to go out and buy asap. It is reasonably priced and I love that it is small and so portable. i can throw it in any bag and there are no cords and I don't need to plug it in to anything. It connects straight to my phone to charge it right up! They come in really cute patterns and colors too! 

This product may be the most expensive on the list, but I think it is the most innovative and fashion forward. I love a great cocktail ring and I love pretty stones, so I think I could wear one of the RINGLY rings every day. What are they exactly though? They hook up to your phone through an app. Through this app you choose which types of calls, messages, and alerts are important to you. When these things come through to your phone, your RINGLY will alert you by vibrating! No longer waste any time incessantly checking your phone for that interview phone call that you're waiting to get or that spam e-mail you don't care about. PS: The black ring box serves as its charger as well! 

Portable phone chargers are great, but what happens when both your phone and the charger run out of juice? They're no help then. UNLESS you have a solar powered one like this from Henri Bendel! By being able to recharge this charger, you can go for days without having to plug your phone into the wall! It is also a cute keychain so it can be thrown on anything that you take with you. 

Okay, I love love love this one. I love the classy, cool, and expensive look of this gold lock in the first place--even if it was just a keychain I would buy it. I think it's so cool and convenient that it has a USB drive in it though! The working girl never knows when a flash drive might come in handy, and if ya girl had one right on her keys... that would be so perfect. 

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