10 Fashionable Halloween Costumes

Okay, so Halloween is LITERALLY right around the corner... don't know what to do? Here are a few options that are both fashionable and pretty easy to find at your local mall/you might already have some of it in your closet. When I went searching around the internet all I could find were the same old typical costumes: vampire? Mean Girl? Black Cat? Thanksssss, cause I could never think of those on my own. I tried hard to put together a list of not your typical costumes, so hopefully they help! As for me, it made me want to dress up as all of them, so now I can't even decide which to do. Fair warning: most to all of the products I did not provide links to because I figured they're all pretty basic, you're not going to have time to order them online, or you can find them at pretty much any costume store. Hope thats okay, Trick or treat!

1. Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Okay loved Almost Famous, love Kate Hudson, love her outfits... so why not be Penny Lane? 70s is EXTREMELY back in right now anyways, right? I think the only hard part of this costume to find would be some kind of furry coat... my suggestion though is to just look for something furry and not too close, because I think you could find something! Check cheaper trendy stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe. 

2. Miss. Congeniality

Okay, really easy to do! I dressed up as this for a costume party last weekend and it took me about an hour to shop for everything. I found a super on sale pink dress at Charlotte Russe for $5 (it wasn't the same silhouette but it was the same color and had a long on one side short on the other thing going on that got the same message across). I already had a pair of black combat boots and so I just bought a garter and a plastic toy gun at a costume store for $14. I had a small tiara at home from something long ago... and I just cut a strip of white fabric and wrote "Miss. Congeniality" on it with Sharpie to make a sash. 

Want to dress up with a partner? Do what my friend Shannen and I did and one person can be Cheryl Fraiser from Rhode Island! 

3. Choupette & Karl Lagerfeld 

Hopefully you can find someone to be your Karl, because my boyfriend refuses to do it on account of "no one knowing who that is"... *eye roll* 
Either way I think I'm going to dress up as Choupette because c'mon, look at that! She's adorable!

4. The Devil Wears Prada

Okay so this one is more of a funny joke/play on words... I think it is perfect for when you're in a pinch and need a costume like... 5 minutes ago. 

I know the shirt is not something you're gonna get your hands on last minute... but what about buying a white tee and drawing on the logo, or just "PRADA"?
Same goes for the purse... Maybe stick on your own make shift logo on a bag you already own, after all this whole look is just silly and cute. 

5. Chanel Oberlin

If you don't know who Chanel Oberlin is... you need to change that, and asap. She is the sorority president, queen bee, niece of Karl Lagerfeld (therefore decked out in custom Chanel), and leading lady in the new show Scream Queens. Haven't heard of it? Again, get on that ASAP! It is on Fox and Hulu, from the creator of Glee and American Horror Story... and well, it is really good. I am obsessed with the clothing, I'm so envious of the costume designer because it just looks like so much fun. Chanel, along with many other characters, is decked out in really fun and over the top clothing. 

Interested in finding out exactly where to get the characters' to die for (no pun intended) clothing? Check out this Scream Queens Tumblr Account

6. Fortune Teller

I think this one could be really fun... layer on the jewelry and throw on that kimono I know you or at least one of your friends has in their closet! Always wanted to do a trendy turban but never had the occasion or balls to? Here's your chance. Finding a patterned scarf will do the trick just fine, then look up on Pinterest how to tie it. And let's face it, a lot of this stuff is on trend anyways. 

7. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

8. Rachel Zoe... or Pregnant Rachel Zoe?

Saw this photo of a Rachel Zoe costume and found it hilar...

9. Taylor Swift in the Blank Space Video

Okay, if you choose to do this costume... you HAVE to carry the golf club around all night! Unleash your inner psycho girlfriend for the night. 
There's also plenty of other good outfits in this video, along with Taylor Swift's personal style. 

10. Old School Gwen Stefani

If you have Gwen's new song "Used to Love You" stuck in your head as much as I do, then you might be inspired to channel your inner Gwen this Halloween. 
Not your style? Even more fun! When do you ever get to rock this kind of cool chick style?

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