That 70s Show - A look at Zara's current collection

I walked in to Zara the other week and from the moment I stepped in the door it was pretty clear what their current trends were: 70s, denim, and lacy whites. I was in love. Over the past few years, fashion has definitely been taking a look back to past decades. I never thought I would be so excited about when we reached the 70s, but I surprisingly am. There was something about the way Zara accomplished the 70s look. It wasn't overpowering or super psychedelic. It was very feminine, light and airy, with a boho feel. But it was all completely updated and wearable for the 21st century. Some of my favorite looks were light wash ripped skinny jeans paired with a flouncy white embroidered eyelet top, matching sets, overalls, and vintage stripes. 

I was even attracted to the loose, wide leg jeans shown below. Usually I would never even think about wearing something like this, but I automatically imagined them looking super chic paired with a simple white loose cropped top, a great pair of sandals, and beachy waves for hair. The button down denim shirt dress I was also hesitant about, but now could picture it paired with a sleek pair of heeled strap sandals and sleek reflective sunglasses. 

As for my look above, I had been wanting a pair of shorts or skirt overalls and I found this one from Zara online. I went to the store as soon as I could and didn't hesitate to buy it for $59.90. I think it's best paired with a basic white/cream top -- I'd love it with something lacy and boho like some of the tops shown below. A pair of heeled booties and Ray Ban wayfarers update the look making it a bit more contemporary and cool. The booties I'm wearing are Michael Kors and have round gold studs on the heel, which I wish you could see in the pics! (I'll have to include a detail shot of these soon) Simple and delicate gold jewelry and a cross body bag complete the look. I'd also love this overall dress look with maybe a pair of birks and a cool fringe bag.

I am really excited to hopefully make more 70s inspired purchases and have fun with this trend. Keep in touch, because I am planning an upcoming 7 Days of Denim, where I will be featuring a denim look each day for a week! 


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