Pretty In Pink

As you may know, I don't just love to wear clothes, I design them too. I'm starting my final year in receiving my Bachelors degree in Fashion Design at FIDM in LA and now that I have more free time after Debut I want to start making more clothes for myself. I found this amazing bright pink fabric at ISW practically a year ago and finally got around to making something out of it. I wish you could see the complexity of the weave/pattern in this fabric, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get much of an up close shot. [side note: if you are interested in commissioning any garments from me, e-mail me!]

With such a fun and playful fabric, what better way to make something out of it than a fun matching set. I absolutely adore a good matching set because they are the epitome of fun, youthful, and playful. They can definitely be dressed up or down (which is a saying that the more I get in to styling the more I realize can really apply to practically anything - it just honestly takes the creativity or eye to imagine something styled in multiple ways). 

My first attempt at shooting this look was in a sort of garden setting, but as I've learned, your vision for a shoot does not always turn out how you imagined. So when I found this new setting as my backdrop, I saw that my outfit for more than I previously did. With the vibrant print tile background, my first thought upon reviewing the photos was that it looked like a festival look. I mean a lot of people just go straight for cut off jean shorts and a crop top for most festivals, but why not take it to the next level? After all, isn't dressing up half the reason people attend festivals these days anyways? I remember I had an interview for the creative team at LF and I was asked the question: What would you wear to Coachella (other than the usual high waist jean shorts and crochet top)? Back then I replied with one of those asymmetrical skirts/skorts because I was in love with that trend at the time (who am I kidding, I still am). I also keep up with various famous fashion bloggers and when they post their festival looks they're never the basic casual shorts and band t-shirt. They're always dressed up in designer dresses, more tailored pieces like matching sets, and amazing shoes. These two things got me thinking, you really still can be comfortable and festival functioning in more dressed up pieces. SO, if I did attend Coachella say next year, my goal would be to elevate the festival look and probably in something similar to this matching pink set. 

Long story short, here is how I styled my matching pink set. I recently got these tie up gladiator sandals from JustFab. I've been wanting to get in on these trend because I think they take any look to the next level. I loved that I found these for a good price and that they still looked high quality. I also loved the unique black/white snake print because I think it makes them more versatile. When I first paired them with the pink I was hesitant, but then I thought a nice big stack of silver/gray bangles would tie the two together better (and they did!). I love the look of stacking a ton of bracelets in the same color scheme right now. Here I combined bangles with some other unique bracelets, which makes for a nice eclectic look. I could also really see it with one of those huge chain/coin silver antique looking necklaces that are in right now. I wish I had one! A simple black cross body didn't distract from any of the other pieces, but helped tie in the accessories further. And lastly, the reflective colored lenses that are a pink/orange/yellow color were a fun pop that matched the pink.