Lovely in Lace

I love LA, but there's nothing like a getaway to somewhere slower, more peaceful and relaxing. Usually I'm a beach vacation kind of girl, but I love going up to North Dakota, especially when I get to spend time down by this river. During my trip up there last week, spring was definitely starting to happen. Light green leaves had just started coming back on the previously barren and brown trees. The weather was also perfectly sunny and beautiful, with some wind which I always love. There's something so calming about a breeze around you. 

This relaxing nature setting was the perfect backdrop for me to show you guys my embroidered maxi dress from Zara. Alright, so this dress might not technically be lace, but it might as well be. It is the epitome of boho and ethereal, I love the off-white color and how feminine and flowy it is. Accessories to go with should be delicate and feminine. I went with layered boho type necklaces and this gold metal flower headband that is so pretty. I kind of wish this dress was shorter so I could just wear it with some gorgeous gladiator sandals or something, but it is too long and so I have to wear heels with it. I paired my MIA cognac leather strappy heeled sandals, as they're on the relaxed side and work in with the bohemian theme. 

Also, speaking of Zara, although I bought this dress back in December it definitely fits in with the white, lace, embroidered, boho trends at Zara that I discussed in my last post. I love a lace/embroidered off white (or black even) maxi dress for spring/summer. It is just so effortless and feminine and I love the boho trend going on right now. I don't know about you but it makes me just want to run through a field of flowers as the sun sets or something super romantic like that. haha 

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