Fresh & Sweet for Summer

Don't you love when you put together pieces of your wardrobe you never thought of going together and it turns out looking great? That's actually what kind of happened here. I know that might be kind of surprising considering how much the colors match between this blouse and skirt... haha I mean that's what really led me to even trying them out together. At first I was thinking a white top, but that just seemed to basic and boring. Adding in a jewel tone, or any sort of color is way more eye catching and special. Finding this unexpected match made that idea pop in my head and stick with me, why not try pieces together that you usually don't wear together and see where it leads you? I think that's a really good idea to try and expand one's own personal style. Personally that's something I'm always trying to do. 

Speaking of trying and discovering something different... That's kind of what I did with my bracelets as well. Everyone knows how trendy its been to have stacks of bracelets as arm candy, but usually its just a stack of thinner bracelets. Lately I've been trying out and loving stacking large cuffs, with some smaller pieces mixed in. At first it can feel like a bit much, but I think if you don't have any or much other jewelry going on it's a good statement look. Think of the statement necklace but on your wrist! If the neckline of whatever you're wearing doesn't work well with a necklace, or you're wearing long pants or a jumpsuit the stacked wrist can serve as a good break up in your outfit. 

Moving on to my bag... Again, I could've gone with basic white, but why do that if you have an adorable mint mini MAB tote from Rebecca Minkoff?!? I have been wanting this cute little bag for so long, but didn't really have the money to spend on it or whenever I saw it at Nordstrom Rack it was never in the color I wanted. Until I went to the opening day of the Nordstrom Rack in Laguna Niguel! I found this amazing color and just for like $85 or something. I love the dimension that mixing monochromatic pieces adds to an outfit - the leaves on the skirt, the blouse, and the bag. 

Finally when we get to my shoes! This time that fresh pop is needed with so much color going on on top. I love a sleek white heel, and these are silver and white color blocked from Jeffery Campbell. 

I think this is a pretty easy outfit to imitate and make your own. I'd love to hear what you come up with! I think it's a great look to wear to an event, or a nice brunch, baby or bridal shower. 

The recipe is simple: 
          print skirt
          solid blouse (in a color pulled from the pint)
          cute small bag (in the same color family)
          fresh white heels
          stack of cuff bracelets 


PS: Here's where I got the pieces in my look: 

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Bracelets: Banana Republic, Kohl's, FIDM Scholarship Store
Necklace: Miriam Merenfeld

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