When You're Feeling Kinda Boho...

You know how there's those people where you're like "ten bucks says she shows up wearing x, y, and z"? I don't know, I mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, if anything that shows someone really has an established personal style... which I can really admire. But! Personally, I like to kind of mix it up and have some more versatility in my style. Or it's like I like so many different looks and trends and like trying them all out. Some days I like dressing and feeling super boho, or some days it's edgy, or feminine, or preppy. For me it keeps things more fresh, I don't get bored too often (although that doesn't mean that I don't have those days where I'm like "I need a whole new wardrobe, I'm so over all of my clothes" - cause trust me that's a recurring feeling a lot of mornings). It also means that I'm never out shopping and like something but decide I shouldn't get it because it's not really my style or because I don't have anything else to wear with it. 

So... anyways! I was trying to get to the point that sometimes you'll see me go all boho on you, and this look is one of those looks that are out of the range of my typical style. I have been wanting one of these like peasant top/boho-y dresses for a while - super easy to throw on with some cool sandals and go out on a summer day. A dress like this too, with all the colorful embroidery is great because it adds enough interest and detail where you don't need to wear jewelry really. I mean I threw on some layered beaded necklaces but I don't think they were really necessary. 

This dress was another one of my amazing finds from Single Dress that I'm loving. I love the colorful embroidery and it has a really comfortable elastic waistband and a keyhole detail with a tie along the front neckline. I of course had to pair my brown gladiator sandals with this dress. I wear these sandals so often, they go great with so many different things. They're from JustFab and I got them for $39.95! I'm going to be honest with you though, they're starting to kind of fall apart on me... like the lining of the straps are coming off from the leather and some of the straps are too big for my calves so they fall down and don't stay in place. So, I'm hoping to buy a new pair of gladiators because they're definitely one of my trendy go-tos. 

So, what's your personal style like? Do you like to stick to the same aesthetic all the time or do you have multiple style personalities!?

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